Hump Day Hooking

Happy Wednesday every one! As I am preparing to get the store open (hopefully this weekend) I am working on a lot of different small projects. Hats, scarfs, fingerless gloves that kind of stuff. Sense this marks the halfway point in the week I figured this is a good time to share what I am working on. This week has been a little off because the munchkins didn’t have school Monday. I worked on my computer yesterday and finished clue 1 of the stitch along. Today I am working on a Lacey Skull Scarf. I got the pattern from   I am using Patons Kroy Socks yarn in Eclipse Stripes. I really like the way it is working up.



Mystery Afghan

I belong to a lot of crochet groups on Facebook where we all get to share what we are working on, free patterns and ask for help if we need it. My favorite is The Crochet Crowd and this month they are collaborating with Joann’s and Bernat brand yarn and are doing a mystery blanket stitch along. Every week you get a new part of the blanket pattern. I don’t know what the blanket will look like when it’s complete. The information we were given was what kind of yarn and how much we needed. Yesterday we got our first clue and I got it all stitched up.  If you want to participate you can go to


These are the colors I am using, they are Bernat blanket big balls. Light Teal (Top), Toupe (Left), Dark Grey (Middle), Vintage White (Right)


Clue 1 Next clue will be out Oct.10

I am really excited to see where this goes. It will be fun to watch it grow over thee next few weeks. This is my first stitch along and I am so glad that I decided to do it.


The Story Behind The Name

Hey everyone! My name is Lisa and I am the owner of Angel Wing Yarn Works. When I was about 9 years old my Aunt came to visit and she taught me how to crochet. She used to send us slippers every year for Christmas. I always thought it was really cool. Through out my life I would crochet here and there but never got very good at it. It actually wasn’t until I was 35 that I got serious about it. My mother passed away and three months later My Aunt passed away. I found crocheting to be very therapeutic. It allowed me to create something beautiful among all the sadness.

I fully submerged myself in crocheting. I joined Facebook groups, scoured Pinterest for patterns and watched you tube videos when I ran into something I didn’t know how to do. Soon I started taking small projects with me every where. People began asking me if I sold my work. I started thinking about it and looked around Etsy to see if it was a viable business. Once I decided to do it I knew I was going to need a name. I went through dozens of names and nothing seemed right. I knew I wanted to honor my Aunt who taught me this awesome skill.  Finally I came up with Angel Wing Yarn Works. I think Aunt Linda would be proud.


My amazing Aunt Linda made this doll