Mystery Afghan

I belong to a lot of crochet groups on Facebook where we all get to share what we are working on, free patterns and ask for help if we need it. My favorite is The Crochet Crowd and this month they are collaborating with Joann’s and Bernat brand yarn and are doing a mystery blanket stitch along. Every week you get a new part of the blanket pattern. I don’t know what the blanket will look like when it’s complete. The information we were given was what kind of yarn and how much we needed. Yesterday we got our first clue and I got it all stitched up.  If you want to participate you can go to


These are the colors I am using, they are Bernat blanket big balls. Light Teal (Top), Toupe (Left), Dark Grey (Middle), Vintage White (Right)


Clue 1 Next clue will be out Oct.10

I am really excited to see where this goes. It will be fun to watch it grow over thee next few weeks. This is my first stitch along and I am so glad that I decided to do it.



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